Mobile Block Machine

Mobile Block Machine

Mobile Block Machine

Mobile block machine introduction:

Our mobile block machine is manufactured on the base of technical modifications to the original block shaping machines, that is changing the former one-time-vibrations of molding core, so the block density become higher, shaping speed quicker and block strength more even, this model of machine is suitable to the customers who have any kinds of working sites, and the transportation changes can be reduced.

All the mobile block making machines produced by Haomei are characterized for having a sliding steel plate inside the machine which is where the compaction of the precast elements takes place (not on the floor). The floor is only used for placing the precast elements after the production process has been completed thus ensuring a perfect finish and quality. This system has been designed to provide uniformity and strength precision concrete elements that are free of any adherence to the floor thereby enabling the automation of the collecting and palletizing process.

Main advantage of mobile block making machine

1. The mobile block machine is excellent in performance, high in efficiency, and lower in energy consumption.

2. Since putting into the market, good economic profits and social benefits have been achieved.

3. The mobile brick makig machine. This small block making machine can producing hollow block and solid block just by changing the mould.

4. The producing capacity is1500-3000 pieces block per shift.

5. High quantity end products

6. There are two vibrators vibrating at the same time. so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength.

7. Easy operation: the mobile brick machine price is a simple block machine. It need not installation, you can use it by turning on the power directly. You can learn how to operate it quickly by our video.

8. Low investment : This machine price is very cheap. Furthermore, the movable block machine, that will save the cost to a large extent.

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