Interlocking Brick Making Machine

Interlocking Brick Making Machine

Interlocking Brick Making Machine

Interlocking brick making machine introduction:

Interlocking brick making machine ,which is cheap and durable, easy to operate and no need power.It is quick in product forming, high in product density and strong in pressing power. After remolding, people can stand on the brick .Consumption of materials can be reduced. This machine uses a mixture of soil and cement to make stabilized bricks at a ratio of between 5 and 10% cement to soil, depending on the soil type available. Bricks are interlocking so there is no need for mortar when building. Material: clay /mud/earth/cement/concrete

Interlocking brick making machine turns waste into wealth and ensures the low cost of interlocking bricks production. In addition, it is equipped with PLC control system, which makes the whole job easier and greatly save labor cost. As a leading interlocking brick machines manufacturer in China, we provide the high-quality interlocking tiles making machine for the customers all over the world.

What's eco-friendly Soil-cement Interlocking Blocks?

Interlocking refers to the male and female ridges on the top and bottom as well as front and back of the Hydraform blocks. These ridges then lock into one another to lock the blocks into place. Our blocks are cured, not burnt and therefore requires NO burning trees. The bricks in an average clay house could burn as many as 60-100 trees. Our blocks are made from earth (soil) which is an excellent insulation material; it keeps structures cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months, thus reducing carbon footprints. Because our blocks are also made from soil and clay and only 10% cement, the blocks require no harmful additives.

Why make eco interlocking Bricks?

Interlocking technology saves money, time and increases your productivity

1. Local material-- our block making machines hydraulically compress soil (earth) mixed with cement into solid blocks.

2. Cost effective production-- our blocks are manufactured with only 10% cement to achieve 7Mpa blocks after 14 days of curing.

3. Cost effective construction-- no burning of blocks- cure for 14 days during site clearance and laying foundation.

4. Speed-- when cured, the soil-cement blocks can be dry-stacked in the superstructure representing as much as a 30% saving in cost and time.

5. Reduced labor costs-- interlocking blocks can be laid 3 times faster than cement blocks therefore less labor time per house and faster construction.

6. Earth (soil) blocks are thermally efficient reducing energy requirements, cool during warm weather and warm during cool weather.

Advantages of our interlocking brick making machine

1. Save up to 30% in construction costs

2. Faster and Easier construction

3. High Quality firebrick like finish

4. After sales support to ensure NO "down time" on your site

5. Low machine maintenance costs

6. Mobile machines enable you to make blocks where you need them

Interlocking bricks making machine supplier

Haomei is from China, which is one of the most professional interlock block machine supplier, Haomei is with rich experience on marketing, production and sales. It is worth to mention that we not only do well in sales, but also in after-sales service, we have established a professional after-sales team, we have professional engineers and technicians. No matter you plan to buy our interlocking brick machine, or you have bought our interlocking bricks machine, we will keep on our ethusiasm to serve you. In addition, we will train your operator until he can master the operation skillfully, he need to know how to make interlocking bricks and blocks clearly, which will extremely improve the productivity. We will do after-sales service four times a year, we aim to help you solve problems, and train you how to maintain interlocking brick making machine, if you have special demands, our service team will try their best to satisfy you.

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