Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine

Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine

Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow block making machine can effectively produce hollow blocks by processing sand, cinder, slag, fly ash, gangue, insdustrial and construction wastes, which is very cost-saving and environmental-protection. We have many types of hollow block maker machine, such as, fully automatic type, semi automatic type, concrete hollow block making machine, etc. Haomei is one of the most reliable hollow block machine suppliers and manufactures. The machine made in our company can produce concrete and cement bricks, and when the operator replaces the different molds, it will produce the bricks with different specifications and shapes. If you get a hollow block machine from Haomei, you will have a low investment and quick recovery of the cost.

Working Flow of The Making Hollow Bricks

First of all, the operators transfer the raw materials into the batching machine by the wheel loaders. And the hollow block making machine weighs the materials and has a batching according to the requirements.

Then discharge the prepared materials into the hoisting hopper. When the hopper goes to the top, discharge the materials into the mixer, block making production, several minutes later, the materials are mixed well, and the discharge door is opened. The materials will be transferred to the belt transmission, and then they are conveyed to the storage hopper of the host machine.

When the mold is reset, the materials will be transferred to the mold box. Then the distributor forces the materials into the mold box by going forward and backward. The out shape of the block and the inner shape of the block cavities are decided by the lines in the mold box. When the materials are full of the mold box, the distributor goes backward and stop moving, and the upper mold will press the cavities with vibrations. When the lower mold ascends, the bricks are formed and placed on the pallet. Then the palletizing system stacks the bricks automatically and then the bricks are conveyed to the drying platforms for drying for seven days or so.

Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine Features:

1.Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine it is fully automatic. It is a production line, from the mixer to the stacker, everything is included.

2.This block machine, it is with PLC control system from German Siemens, to make sure that, the quality is assured. The whole production line is controlled by this PLC control system.

3.Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine is with failure diagnosis.

4.The motors on the machine, are special motors, they are high temperature resisting. These motors can work in the temperature of 130 celsius degrees, and the temperature limit is up to 180 celsius degrees. In the high temperature,the machine can work well.

5.For this fully automatic block machine, the hydraulic unit, it is electronic hydraulic, to make sure that the hydraulic pressure for each part is acctuarate.

Haomei hollow brick machine can produce blocks of any size, two holes of hollow block or three holes hollow block. And also can produce solid and interlocking bricks. We have a design service. Our engineer can design the mold according to your requirements, no need to worry about that.

All the hollow brick machines are easy to operate and install. We can arrange the engineers come to your local site for hollow bricks machine installation and training service.

Haomei hollow brick machine supplier offers reasonable price compared to other hollow block making machine manufacturers in the market.

Haomei Hollow block making machine can be divided into a fully automatic hollow block making machine, semi-automatic hollow block making machine and manual hollow block making machine according to the operation method. Most models of automatic hollow block making machines are hydraulic type.

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