Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete block making machine introduction:

A concrete block making machine for sale is also called a burn-free block making machine. It is usually used to produce concrete bricks. These concrete bricks don’t need to be burned. They can be put into use only after a short period of drying. Concrete block making machine not only protect valuable land resources but also achieve waste utilization. Compared with the red bricks, concrete bricks is more strong and durable. Because concrete block machines for sale has the features of small investment and quick return, more and more people want to invest a concrete block making machine.

Advantages of concrete block making machine

1. Because the whole concrete block maker adopts PLC system and computer interface operation, it can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting to ensure the best working efficiency of the concrete hollow block making machine.

2. Storage material distribution device. Due to adopting closed belt conveyor to strictly control the storage capacity of small hopper, it can be used as needed to prevent concrete from being liquefied in advance due to the influence of aftershocks to ensure bricks strength.

3. Forced feeding device. When distributor box is sent to the top of the mold box, the mixing fork in the distributor box works quickly to ensure uniform feeding and ensure the consistency of the bricks.

4. The application of new vibration technology makes the concrete hollow block machine have a large work surface, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, 20% higher than the domestic similar type of porous concrete bricks machine.

5. Unique vibration mode. The concrete tile making machine makes use of computer to control the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system to complete vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion and brake; using excess oil during pressurization to convert it into shock force, thus basically eliminating energy consumption.

6. Reasonable vibration distribution. The mold box is locked on the vibration table by the stripping oil cylinder, and a special vibrator is additionally installed on the pressure head to realize the vibration of the vibration of the vibration to increase the vibration speed. Moreover, the form of vibration allows the concrete to be quickly liquefied and vented to achieve high density and high strength.

The main considerations for choosing concrete block machine:

1: local market requirements for the concrete blocks

2: the competitor’s choice for the concrete block machine

3: The output of competitor’s concrete block machine

4: Integrating above information and then you can choose suitable machine.

5: People pay more and more attention to the quality of the concrete block machine types. Haomei manufacturers provide various types of concrete block manufacturing machine. We are looking forward to your inspection, negotiation and cooperation.

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