Clay Brick Making Machine

Clay Brick Making Machine

Clay Brick Making Machine

Clay Brick Making Machine Introduction:

Clay brick machine is used to produce solid brick and hollow brick with great quantities of holes and large section in all size of holes style. It is also suitable for all kinds of materials. Its features are novel structure, advanced technology, high extrusive pressure, high production and high vacuum degree. It adopts pneumatic clutch to control, sensitiveness, convenient, reliable

1. Automatic clay brick making plant earth brick making machine is our new clay and cement brick making machine.

2. It is automatic operation machine, its material feeding, mould pressing, and mould lifting automaticlly.

3. The most versatile of the market, for enable varied models of blocks, bricks and floors in only one equipment, without the need of buy another machine.

4. Easy operation, easy maintenance which is your ideal machine for your business.

Clay Brick Making Machine Technical Parameters :

1. Save the planet using the international advanced machine with new technology-driven, torque, smooth operation, low noise, long life.

2. Host machine automatic elevation mechanism supporting auxiliary port and accurate docking platform to meet different requirements specification blocks.

3. Head setting plate adjusting mechanism effectively prevent the export of clay about uneven pace, go the wrong clay, center and periphery of sync issues.

4. Plus steam plant make mud through steam curing, body dense, smooth, angular, high-intensity, materials wide adaptation.

5. Using dilute motorized pumps and manual pumps dry lubrication combine to make the rotating parts of the device can be regular quantitative oil to reach lubrication reliable, well-functioning, low failure rate.

6. The machine is a full steel construction, durable, extrusion pressure, manufacturing process innovation, novel and beautiful appearance, reasonable and compact structure. Meet the large-sized, thin-walled porous, high porosity sintered hollow block insulation extrusion.

7. Aircraft in introducing advanced foreign technology on the basis of innovation, its innovation has been the national patents.

Structure of Clay Brick Making Machine:

The brick machine 's axles, gear and other important spare parts extend the service life which are made by carbon steel and alloy steel through modulation or quench's heat treatment procession.

The dialing mud plate's transfer and material level control are fixed with protecting device which improves the plant efficiency of breakdown maintenance. And it also makes sure that it can't easily damage the main spare parts during usage.

The reamer adopt the floating shaft structure which can eliminate and reduce the machine's shacking and rocking times because of curve in principal axle after long time usage.

The blade of the reamer adopt the wear-resistant metallic material coating technology which make its life is four times to seven times longer than the common reamer. The lead has the function of light pressure delivery and high pressure extrusion which make the machine save energy from fifteen percent to thirty percent.

The reducer gear adopt hard tooth surface, good tenacity and wearability to make sure machine can serve you for long time.

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