AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Production Line

As a new building material, AAC block production line fulfills the demand of concrete industry, which requires to save the natural resources and protect the environment. Haomei's AAC lightweight block making plant can meet the specific requirements of the market and customers.

Capacity: 10,000 M3-400,000M3Per Year. To Meet Different Requirement of Customers. High Degree of Automation, Easy to Operate, Fast Cutting Cycle, Improve AAC Block Production Efficiency. German Technology, The Main Parts Adopt Famous Brand from Domestic and International. We Are Top Professional Building Materials Machinery Manufacturer

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Production Line

Haomei’s aerated concrete installations are proven advanced technology processes, designed as specific requirements. This approach allows complete solutions to ensure highly efficient, optimized processes resulting in consistent final AAC Block quality. The AAC plant includes: Raw Material preparation → Mixing & pouring → Molding → Curing & Cutting → Steam generating system → Autoclaving → Finished products Upload & Packing.

Autoclaved Aerated AAC Block Brick Machine Advantages

1. light weight

Areated concrete density is usually 400-700kg/m3,(according the market in produce ),same as 1/3 of clay block and 1/5 common concrete.So use the Light block can reduce the weight of the build more,and also reduce the beam of roof and pillar press best.then you can see,it can save the material and cost,it also fighting shaking.

2. Good heat preservation

With a large number of pores inside, AAC has good heat preservation. Normally, AAC blocks with thickness of 200mm can preserve heat as well as those common solid clay blocks with thickness of 490mm.

3 Good fire resistance without releasing harmful gas

Main materials for AAC are inorganic. It has features of keeping temperature, resisting fire and releasing no harmful gas. With good heat preservation to the steels, buildings made of AAC bricks can only be destroyed by surface when they are on fire.

(2). Cutting Machine Simple Introduction

The aac block brick machine cutting machine is developed based on the traditional cutting machine. It mainly refers to the WIHA technology. Its reducer and control elements are of domestic or international well-known brands, thus ensuring the stability of the machine.

AAC Block Production Line Features:

1). The aac block brick cutting machine utilizes the cylinder to tension the steel wire.Coupled with the frame swinging, the service life of the steel wire is greatly prolonged, and the product accuracy has been greatly improved as well.

2). With the mobile cutting table, the green brick placing and cross-cutting are accomplished at the same position. When the adobe moves downward to the next position, both vertical and horizontal cutting can be completed.

3). As the new chain-type cutting machine, it features high automation, convenient operation, accurate cutting, and short cutting period. With this machine, the production cycle will be greatly shortened and the labor productivity will be significantly improved.

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