Fully-Automatic Block Making Machine

Fully-Automatic Block Making Machine

Fully-Automatic Block Making Machine

Automatic block making machine, a new type equipment with PLC control system, can produce bricks automatically, which is very cost-saving. Automatic brick making plant reuses the construction rubbish to make the burning-free bricks. The prominent advantage of the machine is the high degree of automation, and it greatly reduces the labor cost and improves the efficiency.

Fully Automatic Block Production line

1. Silo: it’s used to store cement or powder materials.

2. Three-stage batching system: according to the materials ratio,  it can measure the various raw materials automatically.

3. Screw conveyor: deliver the powder materials (like cement and fly ash) into mixer.

4. Mixing System: add water automatically to mix the materials.

5. Brick making machine: use the mixture of materials to make different bricks.

6. Wet brick Conveyor: deliver the brick and clean the residues.

7. Curing room: increase the intensity and decrease the growing time of wet brick.

8. Finger car: deliver the wet bricks to curing room automatically.

9. Elevator: stack the bricks pallet by pallet for the finger car to deliver.

10. Lowerator: separate the bricks which have been finished from curing room.

11. Pallet feedback device: feedback the pallets for using and clean them.

12. Stacker: catch the bricks on pallets and put them on conveyor.

13. Dry brick conveyor: deliver the dry bricks for shipping.

14. Center control system: control all the production process.

15. 3T forklift

High degree of automation

PLC electric control system is applied to the machine, and it fully controls all the procedures. The advanced fault diagnosis device will check and correct the errors automatically. What’s more, the manual integration settings ensure the normal running of the machine when the automatic control is out of order.

Easy operation

It adopts inverter control stacker system, which ensures smooth and secure running. All the production processes, from feeding to stacking, are completed by the fully automatic production line control system.

Setting multi-function in one

The machine can work as automatic concrete hollow block making machine and automatic solid block making machine. If the operators replace the mold of the machine, it will produce the bricks with different shapes.

Making good use of waste materials: slag, sand, fly ash and construction rubbish are the raw materials of the bricks. The automatic block making machine changes waste material into things of value, which saves the land and reduces the cost.

Low energy consumption: when the automatic brick machine comes into operation, the host machine is running all the time. While, other engines runs intermittently. The intermittent running ensures the low energy consumption.

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